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1. Why do we even need ATC reform?

To remain the world leader in aviation, the U.S. must operate the safest, most efficient air traffic system. To do this, our nation requires predictable and sustainable funding to modernize air traffic control to match growing demand and advances in technology.  Smarter decision making and reliable funding--that is not tethered to complex and unpredictable federal procurement and appropriations processes--will modernize our air traffic control system faster and more cost-effectively. Consumers, the economy, and all airspace users stand to benefit from a system that delivers more flight choices, fewer delays and lower operating costs. 

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is best at ensuring aviation safety, not system efficiency, so a federally chartered, non-government cooperative is needed to manage a high-tech service operation such as our air traffic control system. This new entity would leverage private sector financing tools with technological agility and ingenuity to speed up advances in aviation technology.  This concept, already in practice by more than 50 countries worldwide, would deliver a safer, more efficient national airspace system, and assure the U.S. remains the gold standard for aviation around the world.

Updated: Monday, June 5, 2017