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2. How will this proposal ensure that ticket prices don’t increase and competition remains strong?

A new air traffic entity will have no direct impact on the price of air travel.  Ticket prices are driven by demand and competition.  We also know that demand for air travel services will continue to rise. The ATC proposal includes a governing board representing all aviation stakeholders. The new entity will charge system users, not passengers. This approach eliminates most ticket taxes. In Canada, where they use a similar model, air traffic user charges are 30 percent lower than the government taxes they replaced 20 years ago.

Consumers and other airspace users, however, will stand to benefit from a more modern system. Reduced flight delays and cancellations as well as more flight options should save time and money.  All of the air traffic operations that are performed today by the FAA will transfer to the non-profit organization.

Updated: Monday, June 5, 2017