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3. Many say the non-government cooperative model that Canada and 50 other countries use does not compare to the scale and complexity of the United States.

Sound business practices, operational excellence and advanced technology are all scalable.  Although the U.S. operates the largest air traffic control system, it is already scaled from an operational perspective. 

The goal is not to take the Canadian ATC system and transplant it to serve the needs of the U.S. ATC system.  The goal is to fundamentally reform the ATC system with uniquely American governance and financing structures to ensure its long-term financial health, safety and to secure America’s role as the global leader in aviation. 

Moreover, separating air traffic control operations from safety oversight is an internationally recommended and widely adopted best practice. Canada is not alone; more than 50 countries have reformed their air traffic control systems with proven results. The U.S. can build on the existing decades’ long experience of Canada and many other countries.

Updated: Monday, June 5, 2017