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8. Where does General Aviation fit into this new proposal?

Claims that this proposal will devastate rural and general aviation are unfounded.  The Adminsitration’s principles include a number of protections to ensure the viability of our nation’s vital General Aviation sector and its access to rural communities. Also, at the May 18, 2017, House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee hearing, Chairman Shuster committed to strengthen the protections for rural communities to address this very concern.  

Some in the corporate jet community wrongly assert that passenger carriers will control governance of the new entity. Dilution of passenger carrier representation on the Board of Directors is addressed in the White House principles. The Administration supports legislation that specifically prohibits the new air traffic organization from restricting airspace access in any way.  General Aviation operators would be guided through the national airspace by controllers operating under the same rules that apply today – with safety as their first priority.

Updated: Monday, June 5, 2017