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Statement of Support - IATA

Statement of Support from IATA

IATA Director General & CEO Alexandre de Juniac Statement of Support on Reforming the U.S. Air Traffic Control System

Dear Mr. President,

On behalf of the International Air Transport Association (lATA), which represents some 275 international airlines,  I am writing to strongly endorse your Administration's  commitment to the modernization of the US air traffic control (ATC) system through the creation of an independent, corporatized non-profit entity to perform ATC services.

A modernized  and efficient US ATC system is critical to the future growth of global commercial aviation. Countries like Canada, New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom have all demonstrated that ATC services delivered by an independent corporatized non-profit entity offers advantages that cannot be replicated by a government-managed service provider:

  • Safety: Safety will always be the highest priority of lATA and its member airlines.  We are confident that a corporatized  ATC will maintain the laudable safety record achieved by the FAA. In fact, we believe separation of the ATC operator and regulator  of ATC services, a concept  endorsed  by the International Civil Aviation Organization  (ICAO), will clarify the FAA's oversight of ATC and further enhance the safety of this already safe system.
  • Efficiency: The corporatized structure offers the opportunity to manage US airspace in a more rational and efficient manner than can be achieved in today's structure. The experience of our members suggests that corporatized ATC organizations reduce operating costs while introducing new safety technologies more rapidly than government ATC providers.
  • Budgetary certainty: The  unpredictable  Congressional   budget  essentially   guarantees continued  delays in NextGen and future  ATC modernization efforts. The new model will provide the budgetary certainty needed for such large, multi-year projects as well as access to capital markets for investment in growth.

We greatly appreciate your personal commitment to this much needed reform and stand ready to support your Administration as you embark on this critical initiative.