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Statement of Support - USA Today Editorial Board

USA TODAY: “President Trump's right. Privatize air traffic control.”

Most everyone driving a car today has instant access to apps with GPS to navigate the quickest routes through traffic. But when these same people get on a jetliner, controllers are still using radar, a system that’s been around since World War II and can’t take full advantage of GPS to help planes take the most efficient routes through the skies. Something’s wrong with this picture, and it's the failure of the Federal Aviation Administration to make good on decades of promises to modernize air traffic control with advanced satellite-based technology in a system called “NextGen.” On Monday, President Trump endorsed getting the job done by creating a private, non-profit corporation that would apply business principles and provide a steady stream of financing. This change would free air traffic control modernization from two major sources of delay: the bureaucratic process used to select contractors, and Congress’ crazy, on-again, off-again budget process that disrupts long-term planning. … The idea of putting a non-profit company in charge — a plan most of the major airlines have been promoting for years — has considerable merit. (The FAA would remain in charge of safety functions.) Other countries that have successfully privatized their air traffic control systems include Canada, France, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Updated: Wednesday, June 7, 2017