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Statement of Support - The Washington Post Editorial Board

THE WASHINGTON POST: "Trump throws his support behind a good idea"

[T]he idea has a bipartisan pedigree going back a quarter-century to the Democratic administration of President Bill Clinton. Then-Vice President Al Gore’s 1993 government-reinvention project, the National Performance Review, recommended creating a government-owned air traffic control corporation supported by user fees and governed by stakeholders. Except for the precise ownership structure, that’s essentially what Mr. Shuster’s bill proposes. Like Mr. Gore’s version, it would retain a robust safety regulation role for the FAA; whether nominally public or private, the main advantage of a separate, self-governing nonprofit entity is to end the constant political bickering in Congress over the FAA’s budget, thus freeing the entity to pursue much-needed technological modernization without worrying about government shutdowns and other hassles.

Updated: Wednesday, June 21, 2017