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Three Former FAA Chief Operating Officers


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Three Former FAA COO’s Endorse Air Traffic Control Reform

Three former Chief Operating Officers of the FAA are urging bipartisan support for transformational change of our nation’s air traffic control system (ATC) in a letter to Congress.

Here’s some of what they wrote:

“The FAA’s largest and most essential facilities are more than 50 years old and much of the technology housed within them dates back almost that far. All of this means that travelers suffer longer flight times, more numerous delays and higher cancellation rates – with access to fewer airports. All stakeholders including commercial, business, and general aviation operators, passengers, the military and labor have been negatively impacted by the stops and starts of the federal budget process.

We need a reliable, robust 21st century system that ensures access for all users – preserving and expanding services for all communities, large and small. We urge Congress to take action to preserve the FAA’s safety oversight of air traffic control while moving the operation and funding of air traffic control to a federally chartered, non-profit organization that would be governed and funded by the stakeholders and users of our nation’s aviation system. Only by taking this step, will the U.S. be able to regain its global leadership and preserve the safety and efficiency that our citizens have relied upon for so many years.”

Russell G. Chew, FAA Chief Operating Officer 2003-2007
Henry P. “Hank” Krakowski, FAA Chief Operating Officer 2007-2011
David Grizzle, FAA Chief Operating Officer 2011-2013

Updated: Wednesday, June 21, 2017